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Remote Boiler Fault Diagnostics

At Crawley Gas Engineer, we can now offer additional advantages if you choose to have a connected smart boiler (Vokera Evolve) and wifi control (BeSmart), connected via the digital input of the boiler using the OTBus protocol (BeSmart & RiCloud OpenTherm compatible products only). The advantages we offer are that with your permission we can monitor and edit the boiler parameters and working status, along with a detailed history of the alarm codes notifications, we can check and edit variou...



Deaeration. The impact of unwanted air within a heating system can be very damaging to the boiler and components and ultimately very costly for the homeowner, leading to serious inefficiencies and potential breakdowns. Noisy radiators, radiator cold spots and lower heat outputs of radiators are all common symptoms related to air in the system, a short-term remedy, such as manual venting or a system flush my be sufficient, but most of the time these solutions will only hold the problems off


What is a Megaflo?

So what is a Megaflo?Megaflo is a brand of Unvented Cylinder, manufacturered by Heatrae Sadia. They are constructed from duplex stainless steel.An unvented cylinder is sealed to the atmosphere, whereas traditional copper vented cylinders are open to the atmosphere.The water contained within the cylinder is stored under pressure (around 3 bar which is equivalent to 30 metres head), and this pressure is created by the mains incoming water supply.Unvented cylinders do not generate or increase wa...


6 Things to consider when choosing a new boiler

6 Things You Really Need to Consider Before You Buy a New Boiler.Buying a new boiler is an expensive decision. Here are six things you should consider before you get your new boiler.With a typical boiler installation costing anywhere from £2,500 and £5,000, here are six things you need to consider before you take that huge plunge and sign on the dotted line for your new boiler.1 - The utmost importance of a decent reliable boiler with a decent warranty, It's quite simple really, the more reli...


Fernox TF1 Omega System Filter Review.

Fernox TF1 Omega FilterThe system filter that we as a company have decided to offer our customers is the Fernox TF1 Omega, it is nickel plated brass, it is small, smart and simple. It fits vertically or horizontally onto pipework at up to 45 degree angles, it is very simple to install with isolating valves or a slip socket connection.It has a high capacity and compact designIdeal for use in tight spaces and restricted areasRelatively easy to install.Fast and easy to clean without having to di...


New maximum NOx emissions enforced on the 26th of September 2018

Boiler Pollution, Nitrogen Oxide Emissions (NOx) the new emissions level of 56mg/kWh will be enforced for all natural gas boilers from the 26th of September 2018. So what is NOx? it is the Nitrogen Oxide that is within the boiler's emissions, these are the products of combustion that come out of the boiler flue. so the fumes that come out the chimney. The lower amount of NOx in mg per kWh, the cleaner the emissions, meaning the cleaner the air will hopefully be around your home.