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Vokera Evolve 42C Combi Boiler A+ ErP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Vokera Evolve 42C is a High-Performance High-Efficiency dream machine. It’s Boiler Plus Compliant via the Load & Weather Compensation Route, it can also be fitted outside with the Vokera balcony enclosure and frost kit. It has a 98% Erp package when fitted with the BeSmart Wi-Fi Thermostat, meaning the Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency is Class A+, that’s one of the highest you will find. Specific Flow of Domestic Hot Water of 17.2 ltr/min @ 35oC Temp Rise.


Boiler Warranty & System Water EC, Total Hardness & pH Levels

What most people don’t realize, is that the manufacturers of their boiler can choose to perform a system water quality check on any of the warranty call-outs that they attend to repair your boiler, and if your system is either too alkaline or too acidic then they can refuse to fix your boiler under the warranty terms and conditions, this also applies to the TDS/EC and Total Hardness, so be very careful who you choose to look after your boiler, as they could allow it to become void of warranty


Keston C30 Combi Boiler Review

If you're looking for a versatile boiler that can be fitted anywhere in the property, then the Keston C30 is your answer. its a very smart looking boiler and has tried and tested technology and parts, as this is almost the exact identical boiler to the long-running Ideal favourite, the logic combi. Ideal actually own Keston.It has a 7-Year warranty when fitted with the Keston magnetic system filter, which is basically a rebadged Fernox tf1 omega filter. and is ve...


Total Package ErP%

ErP of the total installation package!So what is this ErP, and what’s the package all about? When installing a boiler the U.K. it needs to have a minimum Energy related products (ErP) rating, this is an EU energy efficiency directive, which has been stated in the building regulations.For example, when fitting a Combi boiler in England, it needs to have a minimum of 92% ErP making it A rated.The term package is used to refer to an installation when you fit new controls with a new boiler.E...


What to expect from your boiler service

When getting your gas boiler serviced, or having a landlords gas safety certificate completed, you should expect your gas engineer to carry out the minimum checks of the gas regulations 26.9. What this means to a layman is your gas engineer should: 1 - Undertake a complete visual inspection of the boiler, its location, its flue terminal, route, and position. 2 - Check the casing, combustion chamber, and seals.3 - Check the gas meter and emergency control valve (ECV) for accessibility...


Nest Doorbell Review uk

I purchased the nest hello doorbell on launch day and received it two weeks later. I installed it into my own home the day I got my hands on it, so I have lived with it through its initial teething problems and uncertainties, but I'm glad to say that that's all behind the nest hello now.first things to mention is that any home can have the nest hello, you don't actually need an existing chime like nest say, they are now supporting chimeless installations, you don...