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Boiler Plus 06 April 2018

There’s no need to get flustered, Boiler Plus is almost here, on the 6th of April 2018, in England, there is an amendment to the current building regulations, the long and short of the situation is that it  only currently applies to new Combi boilers fitted in the domestic market in England, New Build is covered by SAP Ratings so Boiler Plus doesn’t apply.

Essentially when choosing a new boiler it must have a minimum of 92% ErP as Standard. You then have four options of which you must comply with at least one.

You can choose to have either 

1. Flue gas heat recovery systems. (FGHRS)

This is either built into the design of the boiler itself or the boiler will be compatible with a separate unit which you can use. This is normally the most expensive option.

2. Weather compensation, eg an external sensor which will dictate the flow temperature of the system. Depending on a preset curve within the boilers software, Modulating the boiler. (Intergas, Vokera and Vaillant boilers are Compatible)

3. Load compensation, eg a Thermostat that can talk to the Boiler via a digital communication protocol, like Opentherm or eBus, Which dictates the flow temperature of the system. Modulating the boiler. (Intergas, Vokera and Vaillant boilers are Compatible)

4. Smart Controls. this is the easiest and cheapest way to comply, as long as the thermostat has Automation (programmable) and has Optimisation, which is a function that basically learns your houses heat loss and heat up and cool down requirements and anticipates and adjusts the programme times to set point. We Fit Nest, BeSmart and vSmart, all of which comply.

So there is no need to panic or be concerned with boiler plus. To help adjust to the new building regulations, we are offering a FREE upgrade to either load or weather compensation  with every Combi boiler that we fit.

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