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Condensate pipe freezing

If you have ever had the misfortune of having a frozen condensate pipe from your boiler, you will be fully aware of the inconvenience and disappointment that comes along with it, why is this pipe so fragile and unprotected, why would they design a boiler with such a venerable weakness and flawed system of removing the condensate water? well the truth is that your installation is most probably not installed correctly to the current standards. The good news is it’s so easy to upgrade to the correct condensate method, you will wonder why it was never done correctly in the first place.

So all you need is to have the condensate upsized to at least 32mm waste pipe and fall vertically straight down. This then needs to be insulated with foam lagging, I personally use 13mm wall installation then clip around that with 2inch waste clips. My preferred method of terminating the condensate is a mini soakaway filled with lime chippings.

Once completed you will have peace of mind that your condensate will never freeze again, but also I incorporate an air gap within the design to enable the overflow of condensate if in the unlikeliest event of blockages or freezing happens m, it won’t backup and fill the boiler with condensate water, resulting in a boiler lockout and fault code.

Please do not hesitate to call me for an estimate to rectify your condense pipework from your condensing boiler.

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