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Honeywell T6R-HW Review

Honeywell T6R-HW Review

The great thing about the T6R-HW is that it adapts to your home and your schedule, it helps save you energy and makes your heating smarter. It’s been designed by Honeywell with the help of experienced heating engineers.

OpenTherm digital communication included for load compensation with compatible Combi-boiler Installations.

The T6R-HW is suitable for S, Y and W plan hot water systems. There are 6 on/off periods for Hot Water, these are separate from the heating, allowing for scheduling suited to your exact needs.

The T6R-HW allows you to take complete control of your homes temperature from anywhere at anytime via an app on a smart phone or tablet. The Honeywell app uses advanced geo fencing that uses your location to determine when you’re home or away.

Saving you energy when you're away, ensuring the temperature is just right for when you return. 

It works with Apple HomeKit, so you can manage your heating using Apple's voice assistant, Siri.


Adapts to your schedule 

Control from anywhere using the Honeywell App

7-day scheduling 

Intelligent comfort control

Works with Apple's HomeKit

Hot Water Control