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Is your Ideal Logic Boiler starting to need a little TLC?

Is your Ideal Logic Boiler starting to need a little TLC?

I have started to come across more and more Ideal Logics over the past year that have the same couple of faults, Alarmingly a lot of  my finds are of one particular fault ,which is a hairline crack in the exact same place on a plastic sump on the heat exchanger within the boiler, this has to be a manufacturing fault with the moulds or something, anyway this drips water (which is actually condensate water from the products of combustion) in to the inside of the boiler, this then works its way out of the case usually out of a loose wire grommet and into the property, hopefully it will miss any electrical connections, but out of the last 10 that I have seen, only one has dripped down a wire and into an electrical junction blowing the fuse. this fault requires a new sump, which is not major, but it isn't a quick job, it does requires a few components to be removed, but it's totally fixable, I have found a lot of these on heat only logics, and most of these are on new build houses, that is just a coincidence, but it's what the majority of new build builders like to fit, nice and easy to install and commission, they work well for a couple of years, then things start to happen, these are mainly down to them not being installed correctly in the first place, I hardly ever find new builds with system filters and they never have enough inhibitor in the system, if any at all, normally they require a quick chemical flush, then I fit a magnetic filter and service the boiler and wash out the heat exchanger and trap. so it's just a full stripdown service and a new filter which understandable is not the cheapest thing, but it's essential, I also find most new build owners have not been keeping up with their yearly boiler service to ensure they receive the full boiler warranty, they normally do 2 years and stop, this is probably when the builders warranty stops. so a little TLC is well overdue in these instances.

the second fault that I have started to see a lot of is on the Ideal Logic Combi, the Flow turbines are scaling up due to hard water, again this is due to poor installation and no scale reducer fitted, the flow turbine is basically a switch that spins when you run the hot tap, well when it's covered in scale it can't spin, so can't tell he boiler to fire, meaning you don't have hot water anymore, this again is an easy fix, but I find that these turbines snap when removing them, so it's gently does it with a load of WD40 and then they normally come out, but again these require a lime scale reducer to be fitted to the cold inlet to the boiler. and you shouldn't see this fault again for a very long time.

if anyone has a new build house over 2 years old and would like me to come and take a look, then just contact me and we can arrange a boiler service and system survey.