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Keston C30 Combi Boiler Review

If you're looking for a versatile boiler that can be fitted anywhere in the property, then the Keston C30 is the boiler for you. its a very smart looking boiler and has tried and tested technology and parts, as this is almost the exact identical boiler to the long-running Ideal favourite, the logic combi. Ideal actually own Keston.

It has a 7-Year warranty when fitted with the Keston magnetic system filter, which is basically a rebadged Fernox tf1 omega filter. and is very reasonable on price.

The Keston C30 Combi Boiler is rated at 94% ErP, meaning its class A, but the package seasonal space heating efficiency can be raised to 98% ErP Class A+ when fitted with the nest learning thermostat wired via Opentherm for load and weather compensation.

The Keston C30 has a twin-pipe flue system using solvent weld modified unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (mupvc) and can have flue lengths up to 27 meters in 50mm diameter pipe. 

A bonus is the fact the flue pipe can be installed outside, this makes the Keston boiler a very versatile option for those awkward jobs.

It has a domestic hot water specific flow rate of 12.4 l/min at 35oC temperature rise. 

features on the C30 include an easy to see pressure gauge, Large backlit display with user-friendly controls. onboard diagnostics, Low component count maximising reliability, and compact dimensions allowing for a cupboard fitting.

Its boiler plus compliant via: Weather compensation ErP class II (2) with 2% uplift. Or Opentherm load compensation ErP class V (5) with 3% uplift or 4 % uplift by using a class VI (6) control like the nest.

It has an Inbuilt filling loop. Inbuilt frost protection, and an Inbuilt Automatic bypass.

Its fully modulating with a turndown ratio of 5:1, For example, it can be on high demand on the Heating at 24.30kw, then it can modulate right down to as low as 6.10kw when it’s in low demand.

It has 30.30kw in Domestic Hot water mode. 

Here is a list of muPVC approved for use as Keston flue:

Polypipe System 2000 muPVC Solvent Weld System (50mm)

Polypipe Terrain Solvent Weld System (50mm)

Marley muPVC Solvent Weld System (50mm)

Wavin OSMA PVC-C Solvent Weld System (50mm)

Overall I give this Boiler an 8 out of 10, Purely for the amazing flue system it has, which is so versatile and easy and cheap to run, it's definitely worth every penny, I've long been a fan of Keston boilers, and I'm so happy to see them back with a really good product and they're obviously in good hands now.