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System Upgrades

System Upgrades.

In my personal opinion it is of the utmost importance that you need to upgrade your boiler system with sludge and scale protection, every single system in he UK could benefit from a magnetic system filter, the likes of a magnaclean , spirotrap or the tf1 Omega filter, these filters are very simple in design and are essentially a magnet within a bottle which is fitted to the heating system, it then picks up all the magnetic debris and magnetite within the system, magnetite is the black sludge that blocks up everything in the system from pumps, cold feed and vents, heat exchangers, radiators and associated pipework.

For very little money you could save yourself a whole lot of hassle and heartache, I personally fit the Adey Magnaclean Professional 2, it seems to out perform all the other filters that i've tried out, the filter itself is plastic and the magnet screws into the bottle which is fitted to the inside of the cap, I wont bore you with the sales pitch, as a quick google search will show you everything you need to know.

Next is scale protection, again i personally think every system should have it, but most engineers only think it is necessary if you are in a hard water area higher then 200+ ppm, which is considered hard to very hard, but in crawley its 200+ ppm, so I advise all my crawley customers to think about adding protection in some form. there are many ways, which again you could google and find more and more information, but I personally only fit two types, the first is for whole house protection, this is called a Hydroflow HS38, this is an electronic device that clips on to the water main pipe after the stopcock, I personally have one of these at home and I think its a great cheap device that requires no maintenance and i'm told only uses about £2 a year in electric.

The second is what I use for localised protection, lets say for a combi boiler  with its very vulnerable plate heat exchanger etc, I use an electrolytic scale reducer, the brand isn't really that important to me with this one, its more to do with the price on the day, but i tend to fit Salamander filters. I personally think someone would be crazy not to fit a scale reducer to a combi boiler.

please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to chat about your system needs and requirements.