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Vokera Evolve 42C Combi Boiler A+ ErP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Vokera Evolve 42C is a High-Performance High-Efficiency High-End Dream Machine. 

This is my personal favourite boiler to work with and I’ll be fitting one of these in my own home, I’m yet to find anything negative to say about this amazing boiler by Vokera who are part of the Riello Group, Riello is one of the biggest and most experienced quality boiler manufacturers in the world.

The Evolve is Boiler Plus Compliant via the Load Compensation, Weather Compensation and the Smart Controls Route.

The 24C and 28C versions can also be fitted outside with the aid of Vokera's Metal Balcony Enclosure and Frost Kit, the 32C, 36C and 42C can also be fitted outside but in purpose made shelters or unheated spaces like lofts and garages, I’m finding this fast becoming the popular option with my customers.

It is Erp Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency rated A 94%, but has a 98% Erp package rating when fitted with the BeSmart Wi-Fi Thermostat, meaning the Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency is raised to Class A+, that’s one of the highest you will find, and won’t be beaten on a like for like system.

The Specific Flow of the Domestic Hot Water is 17.2 ltr/min @ 35oC Temperature  Rise. Which is also one of the best for performance around.

It has a Maximum Domestic Hot Water Heat input of 42kw.

Domestic Hot Water Erp Water Heating Efficiency of Class A 85% XXL, again this is really good and you'll struggle to find a boiler that can match it on efficiency.

With a Central Heating maximum heat input of 35kw.

The 7:1 Turndown ratio on the modulation is perfect for keeping the boiler ticking over at a minimum heat input of 6kw on the Central Heating, and reducing burner cycling and achieving greater efficiency and comfort levels in most types properties.

The Nitrogen Oxide Emissions (NOx) are Ultra-Low Class 6 at 44mg/kWh, Which is well under the new maximum NOx emissions level of 56mg/kWh which will be enforced for all gas boilers from the 26th of September 2018. these are very clean burning boilers and are very good at helping to keep pollution levels down and achieve cleaner air for everyone. 

It's also a very quiet boiler running at sound power levels indoors of 51dB.

It has a very low standby heat loss of 42.0Watts.

With a really low annual energy consumption of 62GJ.

The Vokera Evolve 42C Combi Boiler comes with a 10-year warranty when fitted with the Vokera Opentherm BeSmart Wi-Fi load and weather compensating smart thermostat.

It has a built-in automatic bypass, frost protection, CO monitor and filling loop.

With horizontal and vertical flue options, up to 5 meters horizontal and 6 meters vertical. It also has the added bonus of the rear flue option.

Something that I really like is the Active Combustion Control technology (ACC) which reduces emissions by automatically adjusting the air to gas mix depending on the quality of the incoming gas, which can actually vary by a huge amount on a daily basis.

These boilers are so easy to install and commission that fitting anything else is now a chore.

At Crawley Gas Engineer we rate the Vokera Evolve 42C as the best boiler on the market to date for value for money, efficiency, emissions and ease of installation, making this our absolute personal favourite, awarding it out 5 out of 5-star rating.

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