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Review of the Worcester GB162

Review of the Worcester GB162 65kW Commercial Boiler. Worcester are probably Crawleys number one boiler choice for domestic market installations, this also seems to be a growing trend for the commercial market too. There are many decent boiler manufacturers to choose from these days, but Worcester have given their customers confidence and satisfaction, even though it may come at a premium.


Installation Review of the Powermatic LNVx50F Warm Air Suspended Unit Heater.

Installation Review of the Powermatic LNVx50F Warm Air Suspended Unit Heater. First of all I’d like to say, what a delightful experience I’ve had fitting 2 of these Heaters this week, everything was quick and easy, and clearly everything has been designed around the installer for ease of installation, I’m probably going to aim to fit these units every chance I get from now on.The LNVx ErP Warm Air Suspended Gas Unit Heater is by far the easiest suspended unit I’ve had the pleasure to work on.


Review of the Remeha Quinta Pro

Review of the Remeha Quinta Pro. It’s a Wall hung condensing boiler with flexible design and high quality performance. With a high efficiency of up to 95% Gross Calorific Value (GCV) at 50/30, greater than average energy savings. With its small dimensions and lightweight design it’s easy to install in smaller spaces. It qualifies for Low Class 5 NOx emissions levels from 29mg/kWh (0% O2, dry) meaning the low pollutant emissions meet environmental regulations including BREEAM.


Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters

Commercial & Domestic Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters. Is it time to revolutionise your hot water system with Rinnai Precision Engineering from Japan. Rinnai is the world's biggest gas product manufacturer, producing over 12 million gas appliances every year and distributed globally. Continuous flow hot water heater systems are far more energy efficient than traditional hot water storage systems and are fast becoming the preferred method of heating water.


Commercial Catering Pointers

Some key Pointers for Commercial Catering Kitchens. All new appliances for commercial catering must be CE marked. The principal safety standard for gas fired catering equipment is BS EN 203-1 Gas heated catering equipment. Ventilation and ductwork. Most catering kitchens use mechanical ventilation systems. A properly designed and specified system, with a record of its design performance characteristics as required by DW172. Fire risks. Ductwork must be cleaned regularly to prevent fire risk.


What’s the new BS 7593:2019 all about?

What’s the new BS 7593:2019 all about? Its a significant turning point for the industry, helping to drive the adoption of best practice in whole system health, not simply boiler protection. The revised standard for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic heating and cooling water systems came into effect on 31st May 2019, superseding BS 7593:2006 which was immediately withdrawn.