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Top 10 Worcester Greenstar Faults

Top Ten Common Faults With Worcester Greenstar Boilers. 1. Blocked Condensate Pipe Or Trap. 2. No Hot Water Due To Faulty Flow Switch. 3. Leaking Water From Plate Washers. 4.Losing Pressure Due To leak On Automatic Air Vent (AAV) 5.No Power Due To Faulty Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 6.Making Banging Noises Due To Scale Build Up In The Heat Exchanger. 7.Keeps Locking Out. 8.Overheating Due To Poor Circulation. 9.Dripping Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) 10.Water Leak Due To Pin Hole In Plastic Manifold


What is an ErP Pump?

What is an ErP Pump? The rules and criteria for the European Union’s Ecodesign directive for energy-related products (ErP) have been tightened. The requirements affect the hydraulic efficiency of water pumps with the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) and motor efficiency with the International Efficiency (IE) for electric motors, which means both must now carry even higher energy ratings. How do the changes affect Pumps?


Types of Commercial Boiler Flue Systems

Types of commercial boiler flue systems. Commercial boilers and water heaters are suitable for many flue systems. Here we look at the common types of flue systems available and which types are suitable for most boilers and water heaters. You can choose from the flue types below or a bespoke boiler flue system can be designed by a flue company. What is a room sealed flue system? In a room sealed flue system, combustion air supply is drawn via ducts from an outside air supply.


Common Sense Flue Systems.

Common Sense Flue Systems. Flexible flue options are essential for many non-domestic applications, particularly those with little or no choice regarding boiler siting. Here we take a look at some of the legislative requirements to be considered when designing flue systems for light commercial applications. Although many good practice guidelines apply to flue system design regardless of whether a building is domestic or commercial, there are some key differences.


Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) New legislation came into effect last year covering emissions from medium combustion plants, which commercial boilers also belong to. The MCPD is legislation which regulates emissions of: 1 nitrogen oxides NOx. 2 sulphur dioxide (SO2). 3 dust into the air. from medium combustion plants which also includes commercial boilers. It specifies the level of ongoing monitoring to ensure continued compliance for any plant covered by this directive.


Net-Zero by Design 2050

BEAMA has launched a new report calling for urgent action from government to deliver on the UK's 2050 net-zero carbon emissions target. Net-Zero By Design outlines areas where BEAMA believes ambition is lacking and there is a need for urgent action – whether that’s regulation, policy, standards or market design and incentives.It also includes a joint letter signed from BEAMA and 24 member organisations which have committed to meeting the 2050 net-zero target.