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Centralised Plant, Boiler Rooms & HIU’s

Centralised Plant, Boiler Rooms & HIUs. A centralised plant room is the heart of any Communal or District heating system, delivering the energy to each dwelling via a main heating primary circuit to a HIU. The latest legislation encourages the use of centralised plant rather than the use of individual heating and hot water systems. At Crawley Gas Engineer we provide integrated communal heating solutions, We specialise in the ongoing maintenance and support needed with regards to plant rooms.


Gatwick Commercial Heating Services

Gatwick Commercial Heating Services. At Crawley Gas Engineers we specialise in Commercial Heating Appliances, we are perfectly located to respond quickly and effectively to your businesses heating needs. If you are a Factory, Warehouse, Office Building, Retail Outlet, Workshop, Care Home, Hospital, Hotel, Guesthouse, Sports Center or a School, and require the installation or maintenance of any of the following appliances, then please do not hesitate to contact myself (Andrew) on 07958248040


Installation Review of the Hamworthy Dorchester

Installation Review of the Hamworthy Dorchester DR-LA Direct Gas Fired Storage Water Heater. This water heater offers a practical and efficient means of producing domestic hot water. It’s a multi-tube gas fired storage water heater with fully automatic ignition.It is fitted with an atmospheric burner and is suitable for firing Natural gas or LPG. With a continuous output of 2105 litres/hour, based on a 44 ̊C temperature rise. Storage capacity of 374 litres.Constructed from high grade steel


Vaillant Commercial Controls

Vaillant Commercial Controls. The VRC 700 is designed to work with the more complex system. If you have multiple heating zones, underfloor heating or you use renewable technologies, the VRC 700 is the control for you. The control can decide on the most efficient heating appliances to run while also accounting for the weather outside and your energy tariffs. The VRC 700 works with all Vaillant heating appliances including boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal systems, as well as hybrid systems.


Commercial System Plate Heat Exchangers

Commercial System Plate Heat Exchangers are designed to separate the system water from the boiler. Fitting a plate heat exchanger is the ideal solution where it is difficult to guarantee system cleanliness and therefore water quality through the boiler. It is suitable for older applications where the systems cannot be pressurised. By separating the boiler from the system, the integrity of the boiler is maintained and it can operate as a pressurised system


Low Loss Header Vs Close Coupled Tees

Traditionally Close Coupled Tees (CCT’s) have be used in the Commercial Heating sector, they do work very well, But there is now a new trend of fitting low loss headers (LLH’s) instead of CCT’s. Let’s have a look at some facts about these Low Loss Headers, Close Coupled Tees and also Buffer Tanks. Any component, or combination of components, that has very low head loss, and is common to two or more hydronic circuits, can provide hydraulic separation between those circuits. A LLH reduces the flow