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Installation Review of the Ideal Imax xtra el 395

Installation review of the Ideal Imax Xtra EL 395. The Ideal Imax Xtra EL is manufactured in Britain and offers ultra low NOx class 6 emissions for maximum points on the BREEAM scale, and has extremely high efficiencies of up to 109.8% part load at 30% output. The 395 model is 376.2kW net heat input, with a gas rate of 39.8 m3hr, fully compliant with the energy related product (ErP) directive’s high efficiency requirements, Straightforward integration with 0-10v BMS systems is easy.


Confused about HVAC abbreviations?

Are you confused about abbreviations like HVAC, AHU, MAU, FCU, PU or RTU? If so then please have a quick read and hopefully things will become clear. An air handler or air handling unit (AHU), is a machine that regulates and circulates the air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. An AHU is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers.


New Worcester Heat Exchanger 87161157410

THE WORCESTER 87161157410 HEAT EXCHANGER. If you have found yourself in need of a new heat exchanger due to a poor maintenance and service program, then look no further, Crawley Gas Engineers are your local Worcester Service and Repair experts, covering Crawley, Horley, Horsham, Reigate, Redhill, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead and surrounding areas. Supplied & Fitted Price: £600.00 with a 12 Month Warranty. Related Appliances GREENSTAR


Centralised Plant, Boiler Rooms & HIU’s

Centralised Plant, Boiler Rooms & HIUs. A centralised plant room is the heart of any Communal or District heating system, delivering the energy to each dwelling via a main heating primary circuit to a HIU. The latest legislation encourages the use of centralised plant rather than the use of individual heating and hot water systems. At Crawley Gas Engineer we provide integrated communal heating solutions, We specialise in the ongoing maintenance and support needed with regards to plant rooms.


Gatwick Commercial Heating Services

Gatwick Commercial Heating Services. At Crawley Gas Engineers we specialise in Commercial Heating Appliances, we are perfectly located to respond quickly and effectively to your businesses heating needs. If you are a Factory, Warehouse, Office Building, Retail Outlet, Workshop, Care Home, Hospital, Hotel, Guesthouse, Sports Center or a School, and require the installation or maintenance of any of the following appliances, then please do not hesitate to contact myself (Andrew) on 07958248040


Installation Review of the Hamworthy Dorchester

Installation Review of the Hamworthy Dorchester DR-LA Direct Gas Fired Storage Water Heater. This water heater offers a practical and efficient means of producing domestic hot water. It’s a multi-tube gas fired storage water heater with fully automatic ignition.It is fitted with an atmospheric burner and is suitable for firing Natural gas or LPG. With a continuous output of 2105 litres/hour, based on a 44 ̊C temperature rise. Storage capacity of 374 litres.Constructed from high grade steel