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Total Package ErP%

ErP of the total installation package!So what is this ErP, and what’s the package all about? When installing a boiler the U.K. it needs to have a minimum Energy related products (ErP) rating, this is an EU energy efficiency directive, which has been stated in the building regulations.For example, when fitting a Combi boiler in England, it needs to have a minimum of 92% ErP making it A rated.The term package is used to refer to an installation when you fit new controls with a new boiler.E...


What to expect from your boiler service

When getting your gas boiler serviced, or having a landlords gas safety certificate completed, you should expect your gas engineer to carry out the minimum checks of the gas regulations 26.9. What this means to a layman is your gas engineer should: 1 - Undertake a complete visual inspection of the boiler, its location, its flue terminal, route, and position. 2 - Check the casing, combustion chamber, and seals.3 - Check the gas meter and emergency control valve (ECV) for accessibility...


Nest Doorbell Review uk

I purchased the nest hello doorbell on launch day and received it two weeks later. I installed it into my own home the day I got my hands on it, so I have lived with it through its initial teething problems and uncertainties, but I'm glad to say that that's all behind the nest hello now.first things to mention is that any home can have the nest hello, you don't actually need an existing chime like nest say, they are now supporting chimeless installations, you don...


Hydraulic balancing

Balancing your heating systemBalancing your heating system is actually a very straight forward process, it can improve the operating efficiency, comfort levels and help reduce energy consumption in wet heating systems. Many homeowners are totally unaware of the merits regarding balancing of the system, a common sense principle that any decent heating engineer will use to make new and existing systems operate more efficiently.Why the need for balancing?Balancing of a heating system is the proc...


5 weather compensation myths debunked

5 misconceptions about weather compensation debunked.At Crawley Gas Engineer we stronger advise and highly recommend that you use Weather Compensation technology.Weather Compensation can typically save you from 10% to 30% off your energy bills per year.There are a lot of incorrect rumours and myths about Weather Compensation, so here are 5 of the most common misconceptions that I find installers and customers to believe and a short reply to debunk the myth.1:  Weather compensation is not...


Look after your system and it will look after the boiler!

The importance of a healthy central heating system should be high up on everyone’s agenda, a poor system could be costing you a fortune and ultimately end in a premature boiler replacement, that’s not cheap, but the good news is that looking after your system correctly is. The majority of central heating systems that I see in and around Crawley are basic poorly designed systems, most don’t have thermostatic radiator valves, a system bypass or a filter of any kind, almost none of them hav...